LUQLUQ® is a creator and curator of fashion, clothing lines, and wearables. Our focus is on eclectic designs, fine fabrics, innovative fashion and wearable art.

LUQLUQ® produces apparel under the LUQLUQ® brand and carry other brands on our marketplace.

AIMEE KALEA a luxury design and lifestyle brand that infuses their love for batik with design, wearability and comfort.

BOKITTALUQLUQ is an Authorized Distributor of the BOKITTA a brand of hijabs in Malaysia since 2014.

BOKITTA™ is a contemporary hijab and clothing brand for the modern and practical Muslim woman. The name “BOKITTA™” comes from the word “bouquet” which represents colors, florals, textures, shapes

BOKITTA™ was born and inspired from the idea of making hijab easy to wear for new hijabis, practical working women, university students, moms, doctors, and nurses without going through the struggle of styling their hijab and using pins

BOKITTA™ released its first Instant pin-less wrap style hijab in 2010 under the name of Voila! which means “done!” to indicate the speed of getting the hijab worn perfectly well within seconds.

It was granted a PATENT protection by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Protected in 144 countries around the world including Malaysia. Our hijab fits all sizes and is suitable for all age groups and can be worn for many occasions.

BOKITTA™ makes a perfect gift for any woman.

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